Good for your health

Sitting in front of a computer all day? Stressed from chasing deadlines? Not spending enough time with your friends or family? Playing just nine-holes of golf after work or at the weekend can help your health and wellbeing.

Look after your health with golf

Modern life is demanding. You can find yourself spending long sedentary hours at your desk with the pressure mounting and not enough time spent with the people you care about. But, it's important to take time out for something you enjoy if you want to stay happy, healthy and well. Golf can be a...

Reduce risk of heart disease

Being active can help keep your heart healthy and golf is a great way to build physical activity into your life without getting hot and sweaty. It's easy, fun and sociable and it's good for your heart. It can also improve the way you look and feel.

Weekend golf is enough to improve your health

If you're working all week and can only play golf at the weekend, it can still boost your health.