New way to play with British Speedgolf

Speedgolf is a faster, more athletic version of golf, but how fast you play is up to you. The aim is to get around the course in the shortest amount of time in the least number of strokes. The skill lies in balancing your pace whilst managing your ability to quickly and accurately play your shots.

A Speedgolf score combines the time taken to complete the course added to the number of strokes. For example, if you shoot 90 and take 75 minutes and 30 seconds, your Speedgolf score (SGS) will be 90 + 75:30 =165.30. As in golf, the lowest score wins.

The common misconception is that Speedgolf is simply rushing around a golf course, it is the opposite. Finding the right pace to maintain accuracy is more important than speed and great golf is at the heart of the sport. 
Besides being a fun, energetic and new way to play golf, there are a myriad of benefits with Speedgolf. These include fitness, creativity, shot-making skills, imagination and all designed to fit in with a busy, time poor, 21st century lifestyle. In addition, Speedgolf is a catalyst in demonstrating that playing a little faster can actually lead to better golf performance, while turning 18 rounds into 80 minutes or 9 holes into 45 minutes or less!

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Need some Inspiration? Speedgolf is not an elite sport, scroll through the video playlist below, which includes the highlights from the 2016 British Open Speedgolf Championships; a wide range of ages and ability in both golf & running were represented so don’t be shy, pick up the pace!