The 99-club –new nine-hole initiative launches in Surrey.

99 Club membership
Busy golfers are being offered an innovative new membership option at Limpsfield Golf Club in Oxted, Surrey – the 99 Club.
The initiative, which costs just £299 a year, offers players nine-holes in 90 minutes and a great way to play evening golf in the summer.
“It is golf’s answer to cricket’s Twenty20,” said Peter Masters, business development officer at the club. “It’s perfect for busy business people or those with young families.”  
“It is social and fun golf for busy people who are fed up with traipsing round a golf course for five or six hours,” he added. “Evening golf is a great way to wind down.”
England Golf, which runs the Golf Express campaign to encourage busy people to play more, welcomed the Limpsfield Chart scheme which launches officially in May 2017. 
Caroline Hardy-Evans, England Golf Surrey county officer, said: “Not everyone has the time and money to engage with a golf club in the traditional way. By promoting shorter, faster formats we are showing busy people that golf really can fit into their lifestyle and the 99 Club supports this.”
Membership offers golf on any day, at any time from 4pm through the summer and from 2pm on Sundays between November and April. There are also social activities and organized events as well as discounts at the club bar. The membership package allows golfers to play at other times at the guest green-fee rate. 
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