New England Golf partnership backs high-intensity version of 9-hole game

An exciting new partnership between England Golf and British Speedgolf will promote an even faster, higher-intensity version of the game.
Now, teaming up with British Speedgolf will help promote a fun, new dimension to the 9-hole format. This high-energy option will see golfers running between holes while playing shots as fast and accurately as they can.  
Golf Express 9-hole games can be completed at walking pace in just two hours. The new high-intensity Speedgolf running version is even faster – and can take less than 40 minutes. 
Claire Hodgson, England Golf Head of Participation welcomed the new partnership. “Golf Express and British Speedgolf are a perfect fit,” she said. “This new partnership will help us to tell more people that golf is a fun and flexible game which really can fit into a busy lifestyle.”
A Speedgolf score combines the sum of shots with the time taken to run the golf course. Shooting a round of 90 in a time of 70 minutes and 21 seconds gives a Speedgolf score of 160:21.
The fun challenge is how to run and play shots as fast as you can, while still keeping them on target and accurate to obtain the lowest possible score.
Like the original 9-hole version of Golf Express, the new format also fits conveniently into a busy schedule and is ideal for after work. It is perfect for anybody who loves golf but can’t find the time to play a full 18-holes– and who enjoys running and having fun.
Both Golf Express and British Speedgolf are a great way to keep fit and healthy – encouraging players to take more than 5,000 steps and burn at least 450 calories each time they play 9-holes. They also boost mental wellbeing by bringing people together for run, stress-busting outdoor exercise. 
The co-founder of British Speedgolf, Pam Painter, said: “Speedgolf adds an athletic dimension to golf that enhances the fitness benefits of the sport. It is also a lot of fun and is designed to fit into our hectic 21st century lifestyles.
"Speedgolf appeals to golfers of all abilities but is also attracting those from the running community, especially individuals who favour cross-discipline sports.”
British Speedgolf is a new and emerging sport and will showcase its format during England Golf Week in August 2017 with an event on the Bracken course at Woodhall Spa. 
At present, the sport is not widely known in the UK. It is fast and furious which means that golf courses cannot mix regular golfers and speedgolfers because the latter needs a clear course ahead. 
If you are interested in participating in the sport, British Speedgolf is calling for would-be players to register their interest. If a group of speedgolfers in an area want to play, it will get in touch with the local club to see if they can be catered for. 
It is hoped that more golf courses will offer first tee out to early-bird slots for speedgolfers – or offer dedicated sessions at off-peak times. 
Click here to register your interest and help British Speedgolf build a community of speedgolfers near you.  
Image: British Speedgolf.