Golf Tech

Golf Tech

Golf isn’t what it used to be. In keeping up with the times, technology has now made it easier to play, improve your game, and generally make it easy for you on or off the course with Golf Express 9 Golf Tech products!

Here are some of the best golf gadgets for 2021.

golf express 9 golf tech


Bushnell makes some of the best rangefinders. The Tour V5 is packed full of technology like a magnetic mount and a red ring that flashes as it vibrates to give you feedback that you have locked onto a flag. It’s also easy to use. It’s waterproof and comes with a sturdy carrying case.

The Z82 gives you 2D overlays for both color view and green view. This also shows the distance to the hazards as well as the greens. This is very accurate and easy to use.

It stands out from all the rest with its features but surprisingly, it is the easiest to use as well. It’s easy to clip to the Motocaddy trolley accessory station. A new convenient feature is the battery level display.

Handheld GPS

SkyCaddie tried to make a more compact handheld than the SX5000. The course maps are ground verified for accuracy. The display is bright, and the details are brilliant.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Approach G80 is at the premium end of the GPS spectrum because of its features. You can use it alongside the Garmin Golf App. The slim device is readable in the sunlight and has a touchscreen display.

This is pre-loaded with 38,000 golf courses and has a lot of other features. You can plot your way virtually on any course. You can see distances as well as any hazards.

GPS Watches

The watch combines GPS distances with performance tracking. The design is compact, streamlined, and is very comfortable to wear.

This watch has a high-resolution display and covers more than 40,000 golf courses. It precisely measures distances to hazards such as bunkers and water.

TaylorMade and Microsoft collaborated in making this watch. Golfers who use this will get yardages, shot tracking, and statistical analysis as well as their biometrics. All this information will also be available on the Microsoft Health App.

Training Technology and Accessories

The device holds your phone securely in place and allows you to film and capture every swing without any shaking so you can watch it back on your mobile phone. The device only shoots in portrait mode. The sturdy device is also lightweight and ergonomic, which makes it perfect for both amateurs and pros.

Using the app allows you to see data, including distances gained from each club, GPS rangefinder data for each hole, and metrics to improve your putting, teeing off, and short game. You can also compete in virtual challenges with your friends or compare your data with your favorite PGA players.

This is an excellent device to have if you forgot where you placed your valuables. You can attach the small chip onto anything from your golf bag to your keys, and it will set off an alarm if you’re within 200 feet of your device. In greater distances, the GPS tracker lets you know where you were last within range of your valuables.


The speaker gives golfers the ability to listen to the music they want from their smartphones. You can attach the speaker to any golf cart or buggy without additional accessories. You also get a 10+ hour battery life.

This has a bracket, which makes it easy to clamp in place. The 180 swivel lets you direct the sound where you want it; there are plenty of volumes and the sound is high-quality. It’s also shock-resistant and has a long battery life of 20 hours.

This durable speaker is magnetic and easily attaches to the bar of your golf cart without the need for brackets or straps. It’s waterproof, has a 24-hour battery life, and the case is drop-resistant.

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