Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

Non-golfers or occasional players might wonder about the effectiveness and necessity of wearing golf shoes. Some might even think of it as just an optional investment. But if you play seriously or want to improve your game, golf shoes are a must.

Other sports like tennis and basketball have very specific footwear, why should golf be any different?

A golfer who walks, as opposed to riding a golf cart, typically walks about five miles or more when playing 18-hole. For this reason alone, you want comfortable shoes that fit perfectly, keep your feet warm and dry.

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Men’s Golf Shoes

These are the best all-around golf shoes for men. FootJoy has improved its already popular Pro/SL shoes and made them even more stable in the Pro/SL Carbon. Both shoes almost look the same, but the Carbon version has a carbon fiber lay running along the shoe’s entire length.

The CodeChaos is for the stylish golfer who doesn’t want a traditional-looking pair of golf shoes. These are lightweight, flexible, breathable, and come in different colorways. It is durable, repels water and dirt, which also makes it very easy to clean. The Boost cushioning feature creates energy rebound and puts a spring in your step.

The 3D molded footbed has an additional wrap over the inside and top of the foot. As a result, you get a snug fit that enhances comfort and support while also eliminating gaps between your foot and the shoe. The grip is impressive as well; it’s almost like wearing golf shoes with cleats.

Women’s Golf Shoes

Adipure Sport perfectly combines athletic style with flair and versatility. Both midsole and outsole are durable while the top layer offers breathability. It comes in different colors and has a very good price in the upper-tier of golf shoes for women.

Even without spikes, these shoes provide excellent traction even in wet conditions. The foam insole is very comfortable when walking. The upper layer is made of the highest quality mesh that is both breathable and waterproof. It has plenty of colorful options for the fashionable woman golfer.

ECCO’s natural leather exterior is beautiful and gives it that premium look. The shoe is comfortable, durable, and lightweight. The rubber outsole also offers good traction as you swing.

Kids’ Golf Shoes

The Roshe is one of Nike’s most popular designs and lines. These are great both on and off the golf course. The soft, flexible foam makes it very comfortable to wear and it also comes in different colors.

The Ignite foam and soft tongue make the shoes very comfortable to wear. The junior shoes share a lot of beneficial characteristics that are also in the men’s version. The sporty look will surely appeal to kids while the leather components elevate the look.

These shoes offer great value at a low price point. The technology used for the comfort and stability of these shoes makes them worth at least three times the cost. The 2-year waterproof warranty is a great bonus.

Golf Socks

Together with your technical footwear, these socks perform well. The GripDry fiber helps your feet grip into your shoes and helps when you swing. An elastic tab on the heel gives a lot of support and makes for a very comfortable fit.

These golf socks have excellent heel and ball cushioning to support your feet. The DrySof Moisture Control Technology keeps your feet dry. There are breathable mesh inserts to help wick moisture when needed.

These no-show golf socks come in a twin-pack. The soles are cushioned, which provides a defensive layer. The mesh ventilation panels offer moisture-wicking capabilities.

Golf Footwear Accessories

The wax coating helps prevent the laces from becoming undone or untied.

This is for reviving your golf shoes. It includes a ripper wrench, a two-prong wrench, and pulsar cleats.

The pack contains 25 large, textured mist wipes that are safe both for hands and equipment. You can use these to clean all types of leather athletic footwear.

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