Golf Grips

Golf Grips

Golfers, especially beginners or amateurs, will often look for new golf clubs, golf balls, or golf shoes but rarely think about their golf grips. It’s essential to find the perfect grip since it’s the only part you touch during a swing but sometimes overlooked. You need to understand a few things about golf grips, such as the different types and sizes. Choose the best one that suits you. Here are some of the best golf grips for 2021.

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Golf Grip Brands

Golf Pride’s designs are simple and reliable. The cord grip is soft with an excellent feel. It’s also some of the most durable grips around, and with great care, expect it to last for at least a couple of years.

These are Winn Grips’ tackiest grips. The new polymer material is cushioned, comfortable, and doesn’t slip. It also performs well in any condition.

The Lamkin is a unique grip because it combines a wrap design with grainy characteristics. It is firm yet soft and has exceptional moisture-proofing capabilities, which other grips don’t have.

Grip Type

There are four different types of golf grips: rubber, corded, synthetic, and wrap. Most golf grips use rubber materials. They are easy to shape and have a firm feel. Corded grips have a cord material in their composition. It offers a bit more traction when your hands are wet from the rain or with sweat. Wrap grips pay homage to the original leather grips. The modern versions have a softer surface with a tacky touch to them.

The MCC Plus4 is a Tour-proven, hybrid golf grip that has a larger lower hand and new softer rubber material. It provides lighter grip pressure, reduced tension with increased power.

The SuperStroke combines a refined cross-traction surface texture with a soft, tacky rubber compound. It retains the grip and prevents slipping at impact in all weather conditions.

The Arccos has a lightweight GPS sensor. It has a soft feel, and the tackiness works in all weather conditions.

Winn Excel is an excellent and affordable option for beginner golfers. Its patented woven design is popular among professionals as well. It is soft, cushioned, comfortable, stable, and works in all weather conditions.

Swing Grip Size

Golf grips come in four swing grip sizes: Junior, Standard, Midsize, Oversize, or Jumbo. Golf grips are like shoes in a way, you need to find the right size for you. To make the most minor adjustments to your grip, you can choose to add tape or layers of tape between the shaft and the grip. Tour players do this as well.

The polymer material is soft, slip-resistant, and comfortable. It performs well in all weather conditions. It also offers excellent shock absorption.

It uses a FINGERPRINT Technology that offers slip-resistant control and omnidirectional grip traction. It is slightly firm to enhance torsion control.

This is an all-weather golf grip. It combines cord and rubber and delivers excellent traction whether in wet or dry conditions.

This golf grip allows you to use even pressure with both of your hands. thanks to its parallel technology. The lightweight foam feels good and remains tacky whatever the weather may be.

When choosing golf grips, consider the grip size, the material it’s made of, the grip firmness, the surface texture, as well as the weather conditions you would be playing in. Most golf shops can install grips on new clubs as well as replace grips in old clubs.

Manufacturers suggest changing your golf grips at least once a year. Regular cleaning prolongs the life of your golf grips. Check them regularly for wear and tear. If you play a lot or regularly, you should be able to feel when your golf grips need to be changed or replaced.

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