Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs

A golf club is equipment used to hit the ball in a game of golf. Each one has a club head and a shaft with a grip. There are different types of clubs you can use.

  • Woods – used for long-distance fairway or tee shots
  • Irons – used for different shots, which makes it the most versatile
  • Hybrids – combines the elements of woods and irons
  • Putters – are used to rolling the ball into the hole once it’s inside the greens

If you look at each golf club, you will see that the biggest difference is in the loft. It’s the angle between the face of the club and the vertical plane. The loft determines the trajectory of a golf ball when you hit it. Most woods and irons are labeled with a number.

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Also called 1-wood, drivers are the longest clubs in your bag both in terms of length and the distance it plays. You can use it on any shot you want, but most golfers use it exclusively to tee off. Because it has the longest shaft, it also has the lowest amount of loft.

Its compact and pear-shaped profile together with a new SureFit CG Track positioned around the rear skirt allow golfers to change their shot shape and launch characteristics.

TaylorMade SIM2 Driver

An improvement from last year’s SIM2, the head of the new SIM2 is made from aluminum, which makes it lightweight. Rory McIlroy uses this driver.

It feels more stable than its predecessor, the G410. It provides a straighter flight and tighter dispersion without sacrificing distance.

There are three different models to choose from depending on your swing type. You can expect extra rigidity in the horizontal direction with this new line.

This was designed to be ultra-stable while still offering a low spin. Keith Mitchell has this in his bag.

There are three different models to choose from. Each one has adjustable sole weights to change the launch and spin.

This driver is suitable for different types of players. With this, you can launch higher and get a straighter and more stable flight with your ball.

This is the most playable of the three different drivers to choose from. It’s best for low-spin players.

The crank-shaped slot on the sole helps maintain fastball speeds while reducing the loss of distance.

Ideal for beginners, it feels easy to swing quickly when you use this driver. It also feels stable upon impact.

D9’s design is the result of using computer modeling software to simulate hundreds of different club heads to determine the best design. It has a three-layer composite crown that deals with vibration.

This driver delivers a slightly more penetrating ball flight than its predecessor, the ZX5. It also combines good speed with the ability to control accuracy in different ways.

The new head-on driver is optimized for both distance and forgiveness, making it a great choice for all types of golfers.

Designed for golfers who use a large portion of the face over a round. The driver feels light, yet also explosive and stable.

Traditionalists will find the clean lines on this driver very appealing. It allows for higher launch and greater forgiveness, while also lessening unwanted swing.

The driver is named in honor of Ben Hogan’s winning campaign in 1953. It looks traditional outside, but adjustments on the inside allow for better clubhead speeds and penetrating trajectories.

The clubhead is designed for speeds and the extra weights give it more stability. This driver will appeal to everyone whether you’re a Tour player or someone with a low handicap.

There are two types of drivers and each comes with its adjustable weight ports and hosels. Both come with hybrid crown construction, a honeycomb TPE sole insert, a high-speed face, and feature an anti-glare finish in matte black.

This is a Tour-inspired 440cc design for skilled amateurs who want a sleek and workable driver. The anti-left clubhead with a low spin was also developed from the insight of more than 100 Tour pros.

The luxurious driver is designed for moderate swing speeds. It feels light because the weight is placed in the shaft just beneath the grip and it’s also easy to swing fast.


Fairway woods are some of the most versatile clubs in a golfer’s arsenal. That said, they are also some of the most difficult to choose. Here are some of the best 3-wood and 5-wood you can buy.

There are four different types of heads to choose from to suit every golfer. It is fast, forgiving, and very effective out of the rough.

This is a Tour favorite and it’s easy to see why. It has a simple, classic, clean look but very good overall performance.

This is very easy to align and there are three different options to choose from.

The one-piece face on this wood has increased ball speeds by up to 1.5 mph when compared to its predecessor. You can also change both lofts and lie using eight settings on the hosel.

There are a lot of improvements here when compared to the ST2000 from last year. It launches high and has a lot of adjustabilities.

This wood comes in two versions. Both produce faster ball speeds that are very forgiving even when off-center.

This wood looks smaller when compared to its predecessor. It shares a lot of the design updates on the driver. The adjustability of the sole weight makes it a very versatile club.

This wood is designed with low-handicap players in mind. The adjustable hosel allows you to finetune launch conditions.

This wood feels like a driver. It’s compact, looks good, and combines a high launch with reasonable forgiveness.

According to the brand, this is their most advanced freeway due to its rebound frame technology. The transfer of energy is made more efficient by putting more energy into the ball.

This wood has a shallow face, progressive length, and an oversized Bertha shape, which are great for contact and smooth turf interaction. Many golfers will appreciate the high launch especially the high-handicap players.

This wood is great for golfers with a moderate to slow swing as it was designed to create faster clubhead speeds.

The Variable Face Technology, used for the first time in this wood, delivers high ball speeds as well as high launch angles no matter the strike location. It is ideal for golfers with moderate swing speeds.

There are three different models for players to choose from. Like the driver, any of the three models also promote optimum speed and spin.

This appeals to a wide range of golfers due to its adjustability. There are three different models to choose from.

TaylorMade makes the longest clubs. This is the best wood for distance.

This is the best fairway wood for women golfers. It delivers fast ball speeds and perfect launch conditions.

This wood uses the same technology as its driver. It’s an excellent choice if you’re going after speed.

This wood looks good, feels good, and performs well. It’s a great alternative to the driver.

The titanium face on this saves weight while adding ball speed. Tour players love this wood and you can see it often on Championships.


A hybrid golf club is different from irons and woods but borrows certain characteristics from both. To put it simply, the idea is to combine the familiar swing mechanics of irons with the more forgiving nature of woods.

Generally, the head would be similar to a fairway wood but it would be shallower and does not extend backward. The lie, length, and weight would be closer to an iron.

Here are some of the best hybrids for 2021.

It’s an extremely versatile hybrid that golfers of all levels will find suitable. It also features the fastest hybrid face the brand has ever produced with faster ball speeds as well as excellent forgiveness.

Some of the best players in the world used its predecessor. This redesigned version made it possible to redistribute weight to increase the moment of inertia (MOI) and improve turf interaction.

Its predecessor was one of last year’s best-performing hybrids. The new design allows for longer distances and easy launch. The spin rates are also more consistent due to the modified roll profile on the face.

This hybrid features a hollow split rail system, which makes more flex on the soul behind the face for higher launch and longer distance. It’s available in variable and one-length options. This is a very good recovery club.

This hybrid uses many of the same technologies as its predecessors but the jailbreak technology is upgraded. The design is angled and more spread out than any other model since it first came out in 2016. It is more forgiving and provides better speeds.

This hybrid is part of the brand’s premium performance Tour Release. The strategically placed CG locations improve launch and spin for greater stopping control. The turf interaction on impact is also improved.

This hybrid was designed for players who prefer to have more of an iron feel. The streamlined design gives golfers total control over the distance, shot shape, and trajectory.

This hybrid delivers on its promise – a versatile, high-performing connection between irons and woods. The wider profile makes it easy to fly the ball high. Other structural improvements also included a solid sound on impact.

This hybrid used the same elements that made its predecessor popular with players like Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson, to name a few. The shape is more compact and interacts with the turf just like iron does. It comes in an all-black color scheme.

The hybrid looks good and is packed with performance that’s sure to inspire confidence in golfers who use it. Its face is hot and thin; it also delivers optimal feel and distance. It comes in different lofts but fits perfectly in your bag.

A true hybrid, it has a small head and square toe. It looks a lot like the older TaylorMade rescue clubs. The stepped crown lowers the center of gravity to optimize launch and increase MOI.

This hybrid has a slightly wider head and has full-face grooves. It’s also really easy to launch.

This hybrid was designed for average swing speed golfers. It looks good and is lighter than most hybrids. Like its predecessor, it’s great at protecting ball speed and carry.

This hybrid is narrower than the brand’s 0211 hybrids. You can switch a 15g weight between low spin, draw, and fade settings with its three sole ports.

The hybrid has a cute little head and a friendly look. It performs very well and is a reasonably-priced option for golfers.

Irons and Iron Sets

Irons are the most common type of golf club and golfers typically have between seven to 11 irons in their bag. Irons have a large, flat, angled face, which has grooves. The shafts are shorter and the club heads are smaller compared to woods.

You can use irons in many different ways – from the teeing ground, from the fairway, or to get out of hazards. A set of irons will vary in terms of clubhead size and the length of the shaft. The numbers indicate the angle of loft on the clubface.

These irons have a sleek, compact look; the face is thin, has a shorter blade length, beveled leading edge, and reduced offset. Testing showed some of the fastest ball speeds ever for Mizuno.

You will see an increased distance with these irons when compared to last year’s King Speedzone. In terms of looks, the sole shape is smaller while the carbon fiber effect on the top line is a little darker.

TaylorMade produced two game-improvement irons for 2021 and this is the smaller one. It provides good distance and forgiveness. Golfers with a high handicap will appreciate this.

These have a clean, classic look, are high-performing, and are competitively priced. It is easy to swing this fast and makes it ideal for golfers with a moderate to slow swing speed.

These irons have managed to achieve looking like a classic while being packed with technology. The control, flight, and playability make these standout.

Ping irons that have “G” on them are usually well-built, stylish, and offer forgiving distance. These are no different. The size of the blade is a little smaller when compared to its predecessor and it also has a premium look.

These are so versatile and will appeal to a lot of golfers. It has a classic and compact shape. The tungsten weights enhance forgiveness and generate more distance.

These irons launch nice and high even with a lower spin. This will appeal to golfers with a mid to low handicap who are after distance and a bit of forgiveness.

These irons were designed to combine distance and forgiveness while keeping a classic look. It is easy to launch and has a lot of stopping power.


In golf, wedges belong to the iron family of golf clubs. you would recognize them for having the highest lofts, shortest shafts, and heaviest clubheads. Typically, they are used to make short-distance lob shots, to get out of hazards, and other tricky spots, and back onto greens.

These wedges have a soft feel and give you excellent spin control. You also have a lot of choices in terms of loft and sole grind. You can be sure to get the best one after the fitting process.

This was designed for golfers who want a traditional look, want feel, versatility, and spin control. It is very user-friendly and blends well with the other irons in your bag.

It has a classic teardrop profile that is made from 1025E carbon steel to enhance its greenside feel. It will appeal to different levels of golfers for its consistency and the control they can get from it.


The putter is used for short and low-speed strokes, usually reserved for rolling a ball into the hole from a short distance. Its clubhead is very flat, has a low profile, and low-loft striking face. Typically, it also has a bent shaft, non-circular grip, and positional guides, which differentiate it from other clubs.

Golfers will love its solid feel, elegant looks, and that it performs consistently. According to its manufacturers, it is the most tour-like product they have ever made for all golfers.

This putter has very useful alignment tools. It is also lightweight, easy to roll, and very forgiving.

This putter comes in nine different shapes to choose from. Each one has a solid, machined face with no grooves, which makes the balls come off faster and firmer.

Complete Sets

The Strata set includes a driver, 3 wood 4 and 5 hybrid, 6 to 9 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge, putter, and a bag. The clubs provide a lot of distance, launch high, and are very forgiving. The stand bag is also lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around the course.

The complete set includes a driver, a set of irons, and a premium, lightweight carry bag. It comes in either left or right-hand orientations. This set packs a lot of performance and gives you good value for your money.

Made especially for women golfers, this has a full titanium driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, 6-9 irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter. The bag has dual straps and a kickstand and you also get three head covers to protect your clubs.

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