Golf Balls

Golf Balls

Amateur golfers may not give it much thought, but golf balls will have a significant impact on your game. Over the years, numerous advancements in technology have made golf balls for all levels and styles of players. Choosing the best golf ball for you will improve your game.

Here are some of the best golf balls out in the market today.

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Golf Ball Brands

Choosing a golf ball brand relies a lot on preference, or maybe how much you know about a ball and its characteristics. It will take time if you were to play with each ball that different brands have to offer. Luckily, these golf balls have already been reviewed by the experts.

Here are some of the best golf balls based on their brand.

This is a premium 3-piece golf ball with urethane over and a seamless outer layer. It has a mid to low compression rating and helps to eliminate a golfer’s sidespin. Marketed for its feel and accuracy, it also delivers an excellent combination of spin short game control and distance, which makes it a favorite among golfers.

The Pro V1 is a high-performing 4-piece golf ball that combines a high launch and a low spin. For golfers with high swing speeds, this ball helps them hit longer, straighter shots. It is also optimized so it never feels hard even at speeds of high impact. It’s a top choice among low handicap and pro players.

This 3-piece ball offers superior distance with low spin. The cast urethane cover delivers excellent control, ball flight, durability, and a soft feel. The low lift and low drag also reduce “ballooning.”

Golf Ball Types

Aside from construction and anatomy, there’s another way to classify golf balls. To find the best one for you, consider spin control and tour performance balls. Beginners or amateur players prefer balls with spin control similar to straight golf balls. Experienced or more seasoned players prefer multi-layered balls for the enhanced feel and control they can get from them.

Here are some of the best golf balls for spin control and tour performance for 2021.

This is a high-performance ball that has outstanding initial velocity. The core is designed to offer amazing speed and low spin-off for the driver to deliver straight distance. From the core to its cover, this multilayered ball brings optimal performance from tee to green.

This ball delivers exceptional scoring control for golfers who value distance and an extremely soft feel with a penetrating, low ball flight.

TP5 is the softest and highest spinning Tour ball made by TaylorMade; it has improved stopping power inside 100 yards. It has a soft cast urethane cover; its augmented greenside spin delivers control and accuracy where it matters most: nearest to the pin.

Golf Ball Color

It can be annoying not to see a golf ball because you can’t see it against the sky, or it’s blended somewhere in the background. It’s easier to track and find where golf balls land when they are colored. Pinks and yellows are some of the most popular ones. Here are some of the best-colored golf balls for 2021.

These golf balls come in bright, neon colors. These provide excellent visibility whether you are visually impaired, or the weather isn’t so great. The UV protection ensures the balls don’t get sun stains. These are surprisingly affordable and durable.

These golf balls have a softer feel and cover a good distance. These are also designed to launch high with a low spin. With 352 dimples, it doesn’t yield to the wind. The neon colors have a flat, matte finish.

These are three-piece Surlyn golf balls with a new layer that increases thrust and higher initial velocity and impact to boost distance. The result is a more forgiving ball, has a better feel, and has less spin.

Golf Ball Construction

The construction of a golf ball has an important role in how it reacts after coming into contact with the clubface. There are one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, four-piece, and more recently, five-piece ball designs. Each one works differently and is suitable for different styles.

Here are some of the best golf balls for 2021 based on their construction.

This 3-piece, the low-compression ball was designed to travel farther with better accuracy. Thanks to the 566 micro-dimples dotting its surface, aerodynamic drag is reduced while the spin rate is optimized. The unique design can help you get legal distance if you have difficulty laying a drive out at 300 yards or more.

For its latest update, the latest Chrome Soft has a larger graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core, which aids the compression and expansion of the ball to make it travel higher and faster. With minimal drag, this ball can fly far. It’s best for golfers with a high handicap and those looking for extra distance.

The Srixon Q-Star Tour 3 wraps are wrapped in urethane coating with flexible molecular bonds. It allows the grooves on the face of short clubs to dig deep into the ball for a maximum spin while in the air and has greater stopping power on the greens.

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