Golf Bags and Carts

Golf Bags and Carts

If you play golf regularly, you know how important it is to have a good bag. Ideally, you would have enough space to carry all your golf clubs safely and have more than enough room for all your other things like extra clothes and maybe a cold drink. Here are some of the best bags, carts, and other accessories:

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Push and Pull Carts

Golf carts have come a long way from the old models made of cheap plastic that breaks down after a season or two. Advancements in technology, better construction, and premium materials have made golf carts much better. Here are some of the best golf push carts in 2021.

This cart has four wheels and high-quality rubber tires. It’s easy to move around the golf course and navigate through different terrains. It also folds down neatly when not in use.

For those who are looking for premium carts, this is the Cadillac of golf push carts. It has four wheels and a brake system that makes it easy to control on hills and other steep areas. You can also put small items in the accessory storage.

The cart has an easy fold-up design, and all it takes is one click. Once it’s folded up, the cart packs down to just 13 inches wide, making it a great choice if space is an issue. The four-wheel design makes navigation on the course easy.

Stand and Carry Bags

Stand bags give you a lot of freedom when on the golf course. You need one that’s durable, stable, has enough room to hold your gear, as well as protect your equipment from the elements. Here are some of the best golf stand bags for 2021:

Titleist continues to produce high-quality, stylish, and versatile bags. For 2021, the Players 4Plus StaDry Stand Bag has more pockets for storage. The new premium double strap is more comfortable, easier to adjust when carried, and self-balancing too. It is also waterproof, and the lightweight aluminum legs make it possible to use the bag in all weather conditions.

The new Ping has 11 pockets that include a valuables pocket lined with velour, a magnetic rangefinder pocket, and a top-access magnetic slip pocket. The new back puck makes it easy to convert to a single strap. The cart strap channel is useful for hooking onto a trolley, and all 11 pockets are accessible with the carry strap still on the bag.

This bag has grab handles at the top and bottom. Easy to carry as well as maneuver when in the car or a locker. There are six roomy pockets with waterproof zippers. The hip padding is easy to adjust, and the straps are detachable. It is a waterproof bag with a 1-year guarantee.

Cart Bags

If you use a golf cart regularly, then you need a cart bag to match. You need one that will protect your golf clubs and have ample space for all your other golf paraphernalia. It should also be easy to access and attach to the golf cart. Here are some of the best cart bags for 2021.

This bag has a locking base, which secures the bag and prevents it from falling or moving off the car every time you navigate through bumps in the terrain. The design reduces overcrowding even if you bring 14 clubs and there’s still room for your other stuff. The forward-facing pockets are easy to access. The padded shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry should a cart not be available.

The reverse orientation top with three utility handles, the Smart Strap System, and a convenient, rangefinder pocket were all designed to work best on a cart. On top of that, all other pockets are forward-facing as well. The strap system attaches very well to the cart and stops the bag from twisting. A matching rain hood is included in case the weather changes.

This cart has a large, reinforced, and sturdy base with several handles so you can easily move your clubs from the trunk of your car to the cart. The molded 14-way divider system has a separate one for each of your clubs so they don’t hit each other. There are nine other pockets as well as two mesh pockets to store all your other gear.

Lightweight Bags

For golfers who prefer to walk around the course, a lightweight bag is a must. Here are some of the best lightweight golf bags for 2021.

The bag is extremely light. In fact, at only 2.5lbs, it is the brand’s lightest bag. The lightweight nylon material is extremely durable, and the zippers are quality YKK. There are four well-designed pockets, the legs are carbon fiber, and the dual straps are comfortable for carrying.

The bag weighs 2.8lbs. The legs are made of strong and sturdy carbon fiber, and there’s a top handle, which makes moving easier. There is plenty of storage space including a drink pouch as well as other secure pockets. The X-style straps are made from contoured high-density foam, designed for comfort, and are easy to slip on or off.

At 4.5lbs., this is still lighter than standard golf bags. As one of the first to introduce dual straps on lightweight bags, you can be sure the one on this bag is very comfortable and easy to use. It also minimizes back strain from carrying. Full-length club dividers keep your golf clubs safe, organized. You will also like exclusive features like the towel loop.

Tour or Staff Bags

Tour bags are for professional players or players with caddies. They can carry all your 14 clubs as well as other paraphernalia. They tend to be very large and heavy.

Here are some of the best tour bags for 2021.

This is a Tour-proven bag, and it should be. It was designed with input and feedback from professionals. It was made to meet the very specific requirements of some of the best golfers. It weighs over 4kg, is durable, hard-wearing, and ergonomically engineered.

This bag is made with micro-perforated synthetic leather with a 6-way velour top, black gunmetal hardware, and a zip-off belly panel for embroidery. You also get 12 pockets, a rain hood, and an umbrella sleeve. It weighs 5kg.

You can’t beat this bag if you’re looking for maximum storage. It is very durable and stable on its base. It sits well on a golf cart, but it’s also comfortable to carry. The color and branding will surely make you stand out.

Travel Bags

If you’re a globe-trotting golfer, a golf travel bag is something you should have. Go for something that protects your golf clubs and has ample space for other things.

Here are some of the best golf travel bags for 2021.

This is everything you need in a golf travel bag – it has a spacious interior, lightweight yet durable, has plenty of pockets, and has a reasonable price. The material is thick nylon with a protective layer of padding on top to protect your golf clubs.

The hard-shell travel case gives your clubs the most protection when traveling. It has enough space to fit a regular golf bag with a 49-inch driver. The locking system is also TSA-friendly.

This bag can lay flat or stay upright; its wheels are smooth, and there are two sets of handles for ease of use. The material is 600D polyester oxford that’s very durable. The Himal Golf Bag is an inexpensive option. It’s top-rated on Amazon.

Golf Bag Accessories

Don’t you ever wonder why your golf bag has so many pockets? There are many things aside from your golf balls, clubs, and drinks to carry.

Here are some of the best accessories to stash in your bag.

An umbrella is always something good to have in your bag just in case it rains and you’ll get ample protection from this 68-inch umbrella. It stays strong against the wind and also provides a bit of airflow. When the weather is sunny, you can still use it and it has UV protection as well.

It’s like a Swiss knife but for golfers. You get a pocket knife, a brush for cleaning your balls, a removable mini pen, a ball marker, a club cleaner, and a divot repair prong all-in-one. At 5.6 inches, it’s easy to stash in your pocket or one of the pockets in your bag.

A towel is so simple and essential for every golf player. You can use it to dry your hands, your golf balls, or any equipment. Instead of using cotton, this towel has absorbent microfibers that absorb moisture and also dries quickly. A woven loop attachment makes it easy to hook it up to your bag.

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